BlobStore can be deployed on any Ethereum blockchain. Each blockchain needs a single BlobStoreRegistry to be deployed. This is so that when later versions of BlobStore are deployed they can register with it.

On each blockchain, each BlobStore contract has a serial number that is used outside the blockchain to identify which contract a blob is stored on. This page is the authority on which contracts have which serial numbers on which blockchains.

Each BlobStore contract also has a contractId that is used within contracts.

See blobId for more information.

All current deployments are of BlobStore 1.0 compiled with Solidity 4.4 with optimization enabled, except for the deployment on Link Testnet which was compiled with Solidity 0.4.7-nightly.2016.12.3+commit.9be2fb12


BlobStoreRegistry contract address: 0x71E080a2e36753f880c060Ee38139A799C6366a5

Ethereum BlobStore #0

contract address: 0xe70e90fdD2B9d3e27BDd56ef249EE1D408F40BE2

BlobStore contractId: 0x74e36b12cf45d88ddf28403e

Ethereum Classic

BlobStoreRegistry contract address: 0xb2a3a31c5425cab2a592b22ba6eab4dd24885a18

Ethereum Classic BlobStore #0

contract address: 0x142c02617643b4fd6d50179580169bdef391353a

BlobStore contractId: 0xc23a81a289591896339e1411


BlobStoreRegistry contract address: 0x4d7bec7eafc33915f7ac4c3375762c58643eee5b

Expanse BlobStore #0

contract address: 0xd09bc8e21b6ef637f40522918f88064f783d3002

BlobStore contractId: 0xe65c702e1e4d84fcc7e1cbb8